Becoming a Small Business Owner

    Whether you're looking to open a retail store or just start an online business you can run from home, we've got practical tips and ideas to help you get started as a small business owner.
    Woman sitting at her desk making jewelry
    Become and Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur
    Home Business Hacks
    Save Time With Effective Hacks to Make Your Home Business Easier
    Volunteers working with a giraffe.
    Help Your Animal Friends with These Top Charities
    congestion pricing
    Can Congestion Pricing Raise Awareness and Save the World?
    Reduce Utility Bills
    Reducing Utility Bills at Rental Properties
    Wind farm at sunset
    How to Harness the Power of Nature With a Wind Farm
    Young woman sitting in window seat knitting
    Love to Knit? Turn It into a Profitable Business
    Five young people outside at a table covered with fresh produce.
    Cooperatives—an Old-School Business Type for the 21st Century
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    Identifying Gaps in the Market for Your Small Business
    In this overhead photograph, a group of small business staffers review charts and documents on the floor of an open plan office space.
    When Is Your Business No Longer a “Startup”?
    Young woman working at home
    Can You Start a Business While on Unemployment?
    A retired businesswoman offers advice to a small business owner.
    Finding a Business Mentor with SCORE: Service Corps of Retired Executives
    Exhausted business man puts head in his hand while talking on the phone
    Reputational Risk: How To Protect Your Business From Bad Publicity
    feng shui office tips
    Top Tips for Renting Your First Office Space
    subscription box
    Best Box Subscription Services for 2020
    Two women consulting.
    How Can a Consultant Help Your Nonprofit?
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    PRN Short-Term and Flexible Job Opportunities
    Pin pointing to a map that shows the best states to incorporate a business in
    Best States to Incorporate a Business
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    The Best On-Demand Labor Jobs in the Gig Economy
    OKR Google Goal Setting Process
    How to Use the OKR Google Goal Setting Process to Grow Your Business
    Illustration of a smartphone displaying dollar signs and printing a receipt.
    What Are Social Payments?
    woman who owns a small photography business adjusting her lighting equipment.
    Average Small Business Owner Salary in the U.S.
    Hands Holding Each Other in a Circle
    How the Sharing Economy Can Help Your Home Business Grow
    Accountant meeting with a client
    The 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses
    How Common Law Employee Status is Determined
    What Is a Common-Law Employee?
    Torso of woman at a desk doing accounting with calculators, pens, and paper
    Accounting Terms Every Business Owner Should Know
    SEO Concept Drawn on a Notepad
    Common Mistakes Made When Creating Meta Titles
    Two businessmen in an office looking at a laptop discussing forming a corporation.
    Double Taxation and the Disadvantages of Forming a Corporation
    Businessman coming to an agreement
    What You Need to Know About Sending a Cease and Desist Letter
    Workers reading blueprints on site
    New Opportunities Still Means Too Few for WOBs in Construction
    man signing an LLC partnership agreement
    An LLC Operating Agreement Primer
    Putting Money to Your Small Business
    Why Women Should Start a Business in Maryland
    Two lawyers looking over paperwork for a copyright law case
    What Automatic Copyright Laws Do and Do Not Protect
    Businesswoman opening champagne bottle in office to celebrate her promotion to partner
    What Is an Up or Out Policy?
    Commercial Lease Agreement
    Sublease Rights Are Limited and Complex
    Latina and Hispanic Female Entreprenuers
    A Surge in Hispanic Women's Business Growth and Resources to Help
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    Step by Step Guide to Creating a Business Page on Facebook
    Businessman leading presentation at projection screen in conference room meeting
    Why Job Titles Matter for Careers
    Colleagues discussing ideas on a board
    Intellectual Property Laws: What Small Businesses Should Know
    Business Lessons Gleaned From the Sharing Economy’s Success
    What is a small business and why it matters
    9 Reasons to Start a Business From Your Home
    business owner holds credit card in front of POS terminal
    The Lowdown on Personal vs Business Credit Cards
    Woman cleaning computer desk in office
    Best Office Cleaning Services of 2021
    Woman working at laptop at her small clothing design business
    How to Make Your Small Business a Large Business
    woman and man review business terms
    Credit Protections: How They Differ for Consumers and Businesses
    an older woman working with a younger woman intern on a computer
    Interns Are Usually Covered By Workers' Compensation Insurance
    Communicating every detail
    How Can You Work Peacefully Alongside Your Spouse?
    Business meeting getting derailed
    Dealing With Angry Employee Questions at Work
    Mother and Daughter Are Choosing Books in a Bookstore
    How to Sell Children's Products
    Illustration of a computer screen that says hippa compliant
    Here Is an Example of a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Statement
    28th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show - Day 2
    How to Handle False Reviews on Yelp
    Cropped shop of a handsome coffee shop owner showing a waitress the ropes
    Here's How to Start a Small Business in Virginia
    Two men shipping bottled products
    The Best Small Business Opportunities for 2021
    Image shows four people on a grassy hill doing various activities with drones. text reads: "Clever drone business ideas: photography, agricultural surveys, security surveillance, underwater inspections"
    9 Best Drone Business Ideas To Start Right Away
    pet grooming
    16 Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas
    Mother and child shopping during small business Saturday
    Small Business Saturday and What It Means for You
    Female groomer trimming cocker spaniel at dog grooming salon
    16 Part-Time Businesses You Can Start Today
    How to decide on the right business idea for you.
    Top Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs
    Senior and Daughter
    Great Business Ideas for Working With Seniors
    Image shoes four icons: boxes of goods being sold on ebay. a telephone ringing, a scale, and a first aid kit. Text reads: "Low-cost, work-at-home business opportunities: ebay entrepreneurship; telephone answering service; mediation; first-aid kid supply business"
    Top 5 Work-at-Home Business Opportunities